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So, why did I start this thing?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hearing the sound of my voice say the words "I'm gonna start a podcast" was humbling. I am the most cynical person I know and as much as I like listening to podcasts, they have become a bit of a cliche for members of Generation X. So, when I heard myself say it, I automatically wanted to mock myself.

But two months ago I, like thousands of others in this industry, was laid off. While sitting at home in the middle of the Coronavirus quarantine, the lack of job openings was a gut punch. There was (and still is) a distinct possibility that I might be out of a job for a bit. I didn't want to become irrelevant within the industry I love.

I also realized that this was an opportunity to discuss some topics that had been nagging at me for years. Whether it be the lack of minority professionals in the outdoor industry, the need for conservation funding from outdoor brands, or the negative social and political divides we see in different corners of the market, I wanted to throw it on the table and discuss these topics with folks I respect.

I hope this thing produces content that people appreciate. It is my goal to bring a few difficult subjects to the surface. But I plan to take a neutral stance and let others bring to light their views.

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